Transport Thailand -> Europa

Costs incurred in Thailand, payable directly to Export 3000 CO.LTD 

We gladly provide you advice and accompany you to the local shop in which you wish to buy your products.

call-out fees (journee to the meeting point + return) 500 THB
Supporting and advisory services on site WITHOUT CAR - per 15 minutes 75 THB
Supporting and advisory services on site WITH CAR - per 15 minutes 150 THB


In case you wish to ship unpacked products, our packaging department will pack your products safely for their long distance transport.

Professional packing of your goods in our local warehouse - per 15 minutes  75 THB
Packaging material according to their real consumption


In case the seller doesn`t assure the transport of your purchase to our warehouse, we have the following possibilities:

collecting of the goods in Pattaya and transporting them in a pickup to our warehouse 500 THB
collecting of the goods in Pattaya and transporting them by truck to our warehouse 2000 THB
other locations on request


Sea freight and the further transportation to the destination address are invoiced by our local partner company Wilai Simon (German Company), but only after the arrival of the freight in our warehouse in Leipzig, Germany.

>> For an approximate price orientation you can use our freight cost calculator

Freight charges for the transport from our warehouse in Pattaya (Thailand) to the warehouse of our partner company in Leipzig (Germany), including storage (up to 4 weeks) and handling.

Price calculation for lightweight merchandise

up to 1 m³ 150,00 €/m³
from 1 m³ 150,00 €/m³
from 2 m³ 145,00 €/m³
from 3 m³ 140,00 €/m³
from 4 m³ 135,00 €/m³
from 5 m³ 130,00 €/m³
from 10 m³ 125,00 €/m³


Price calculation for lightweight merchandise

bis zu 300 kg 150,00 €
ab 300 kg 0,50 €/kg
ab 600 kg 0,48 €/kg
ab 900 kg 0,47 €/kg
ab 1200 kg 0,45 €/kg
ab 1500 kg 0,43 €/kg
ab 3000 kg 0,42 €/kg


Furthermore, you have to budget the fees of custom clearance as follows:

Atlas Fee, Forwarders Liability Fee € 12,50
ATS Fee €   4,90
Custom clearance, including 2 positions € 38,00
each further position €   7,50
LCL-Service Charges (at least € 30,00 per shipment) per cbm  € 15,00
per to  € 30,00
ENS-Fee € 25,00
Insurance 0,5% of the insurance value

Import tax and custom fees according to the calculation customs office.

Merchandises which can be sent by parcels are forwarded from our warehouse in Leipzig via the delivery services of DHL:
inner German forwarding 5,00 € / other countries of the EU 15,00 € / Switzerland 19,00 €

The transport of heavy or large articles is made by the Freight department of DHL. Please ask us for the exact price which depends on the destination area.


All our prices are NET PRICES, the VAT rate of 19 % has to been added.

>> For an approximate price orientation you can use our freight cost calculator

We gladly provide you exact freigt and transport fees, please write us just an email with the following information:
destination address, Type of merchandiese, Value of the merchandise, dimensions and weight.