Due to legal changes in Thailand, the import of dietary supplements can no longer take place and the distribution of Mivolis effervescent tablets is thus discontinued.



New in our product range - Mivolis effervescent tablets - made in germany.
The brand Mivolis of dm-drogeriemarkt GmbH from Germany offers you and your family competent, reliable, inexpensive and high quality products in the fields of pharmacy, well-being and sports.



We ship any kind of goods that are not considered dangerous goods. From decorations to industrially manufactured serial products. No matter if single pieces or larger quantities, it does not matter and is no problem.

We do not ship Buddhas and other religious items that can be worshipped and whose export is regulated.

We do not send any removal goods from Thailand to Europe, as each part has to be taxed separately when imported. Therefore the transport is not as cheap as with a removal company that can deliver tax-free to Europe.

This article was updated on 19 März 2021