Transport Europe -> Thailand

For sea freight from Germany to Thailand and further transport to the destination address the costs will be invoiced by Wilai Simon (German company) only when the goods arrive at the Pattaya warehouse.

Freight prices from Lager-Leipzig (Germany) to Lager-Pattaya (Thailand) including storage costs (max. 2 weeks) and handling.

Volume calculation for light goods
up to 1 m³ 150,00 €/m³
from 1 m³ 150,00 €/m³
from 2 m³ 145,00 €/m³
from 3 m³ 140,00 €/m³
from 4 m³ 135,00 €/m³
from 5 m³ 130,00 €/m³
from 10 m³ 125,00 €/m³
Weight calculation for heavy goods
up to 300 kg 150,00 €
from 300 kg 0,50 €/kg
from 600 kg 0,48 €/kg
from 900 kg 0,47 €/kg
from 1200 kg 0,45 €/kg
from 1500 kg 0,43 €/kg
from 3000 kg 0,42 €/kg

For an approximate price orientation you can use our freight cost calculator

In addition there are the customs clearances
Atlas Fee, Forwarders Liability Fee € 12,50
ATS Fee €   4,90
customs clearance, incl. 2 tarif lines € 38,00
each additional position €   7,50
LCL-Service Charges (Minimum per shipment € 30,00) per cbm  € 15,00
per to  € 30,00
ENS-Fee € 25,00
Insurance 0,5% of the insurance value
Import tax and customs duties as calculated by customs.  

The further transport of goods from the Pattaya warehouse to a Thai delivery address will be charged separately.
In addition to parcel shipping, we also offer the following options.

deliver by pickup truck from the warehouse to Pattaya 800 THB
deliver by truck from the warehouse to Pattaya 2000 THB
Other places on request
If goods have to be stored due to unpaid or not fully paid freight charges or invoices by the contractor, storage fees of EUR 3.50 per cubic metre or part thereof per calendar week and default interest of 5% will be charged.
All prices are net prices, 19 % value added tax is added there.